Subject: Re: meaning of names, origin of names
Author: Lepic   (Authenticated as Lepic)
Date: July 21, 2016 at 6:42 PM
Reply to: meaning of names, origin of names by sandra ferchen

Ferchen is in Bavaria (tinyurl.com/z9pymmz) and so nowhere near the "schidvigholstein area" by which I presume you mean Schleswig-Holstein which is in the northernmost part of Germany (tinyurl.com/jgwz26m). In fact, this where most of the Ferchens are found (tinyurl.com/j3gbs8u) so it is unlikely that the Bavarian placename is the origin of the surname.

Kier is a variant of Keir (tinyurl.com/h4uh9br) which is a placename in Scotland (tinyurl.com/hk2orz7) and comes from either Celtic cair 'stockaded farm, manor house' or cathair 'fort'.

And if by Vogelzang you mean Vogelsang, we're talking about a number of places in Germany (tinyurl.com/j6zkm2s) the etymology of which is 'bird song' (tinyurl.com/zsgtm6s).

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