Ceauşescu and Comăneci 's meaning
Hello, i'm looking for the surname
Ceauşescu and Comăneci's meaning,i knew these surname's
origin are ROMANIAN.
but i couldn't found the meaning, so i need your help.first, Ceauşescu is
surname of Nicolae Ceaușescu(1918~1989).
who was a Communist leader of Romania
until been executed in 1989.and Comăneci is surname of
Nadia Elena Comăneci(1961~), former qymnast
who awarded a perfect score of 10 in 1976 olympic games.does anyone know these two surname's real meaning and respond it, please?
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Ceausescu is most probably coming from Turkish. Cavuş means army sergeant in Turkish. So i would say that is derived from Turkish. I do not have any clue about Komaneci though.
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As a romanian guy, I might know what Ceausescu means. It may come from the word "cenușă", meaning "ash".
Comăneci might come from the romanian surname Coman.
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Cavuş means 'Sergeant' in Turkish. His name-sake ancestor probably served as a sergeant.
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Ceauşescu is composed of ceauş 'courier, usher, deputy, messenger' and -escu 'son/daughter of'. Comăneci could be derived from the placename Comănicea but that's just speculation.
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ceauş: a loanword from Turkishhttp://eurodict.com/ÇAVUŞ+searchid-44633-ed_tr_en.html
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This Turkish word is also present in the Armenian surname Chavushian, and an Arabic surname, Shawish.
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