POMMAUX, CIAMACA, GANIMARD's origin and meaning
hello, i need to help for find
these surname's origin and meaning
that looks like FRENCH,it's POMMAUX, CIAMACA, and GANIMARD.first, POMMAUX is surname of
'Yvan Pommaux(1946~)',
the FRENCH cartoonist who drew
'Marion Duval' series and others.CIAMACA is surname of the french actor
'Julien Ciamaca(1978~)' who was appeared in movie
'My Father's Glory(La Gloire de mon père)'.and GANIMARD is surname of 'inspector Ganimard'
one of the character of series of the novel 'Arsène Lupin'.I was searched all of the websites
to find these surname's meaning.
but i couldn't find it, so i need your help.does anyone know these surname's
real origin and meaning and respond it, please?
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Pommaux is a very rare name which seems to be related to pomme 'apple' in some way but its exact meaning is not clear to me. Ciamaca is Corsican and also very rare. Ganimard is a fictitious name.
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