DWORZAK,HOEPKER,MEISELAS's origin and meaning
Hello, i need your help to looking for
these surnames's Origin, Etymology and meaning
from members of 'Magnum Photos'.
an international photographic cooperative group.first is DWORZAK.
surname of Thomas Dworzak(1972~), he's born in GERMANY.
I think it seems like a SLAVIC feeling;
although it's assume.second is HOEPKER(Höpker),
it's a surname of Thomas Hoepker(10 June 1936~).
it feels like this surname's origin is GERMAN...
and i want to know the meaning, either.last is MEISELAS,
surname of Susan Meiselas(1948~). born in AMERICA,
and i guess this surname's origin is
looks like a GREEK... but i guess it's not sure.does anyone know these surname's
origin and meaning and respond this question, please? (sorry for my poor english skills...)
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Dworzak is a variant of Dworak whose origin you'll find at tinyurl.com/zqow83x. Meiselas is Jewish and derived from German meise 'titmouse'. Hoepker (Höpker) is German but I don't know the origin.
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