I need some advice...
After 3 1/2 years of marriage, I'm finally going to legally change my name. My last name is Krauss, his is Sell. I'm having trouble deciding which order sounds better:
"Krauss Sell" or "Sell Krauss"
Thank you for any honest feedback you have!~CKraussP.S. Any opinions about hyphenating, too?
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To be quite honest: I wouldn't choose either.We had the same problem when we got married. My name is Brosch (pronounced brohsh) and my wife's name was Schwarz (shvahts). So either we would have got Brosch-Schwarz (brohshshvarts), which sounds awful, or else Schwarz-Brosch, which sounds almost like "Schwarzbrot" (dark bread). I think you got the point …
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Yes, I get the idea. Those two names, which are cool on their own, are a mouthful together! I am beginning to think about just staying Krauss (since I can't give it up for Sell). Who wants to deal with the hassle of a name-change, anyway?
Thanks for the honesty. :)~Christine
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