Meaning of the surname 'Hrusovsky'
Hi. My ancestry comes from the 1800s in Slovakia with the name 'Hrusovsky' (A Z was added when the name was later 'Hungarianized').I am trying to find a legitimate meaning of the surname 'Hrusovsky'. The only thing I can find is the following:HRUŠKA Czech
Means "pear" in Czech. It was most likely used to denote a person who grew or sold pears.What I do not know is if Hruska and Hrusov are or mean the same. I've been led to believe that Hrusov was the name of multiple towns in Czechoslovakian history and at least one of them had a blight of pears one year that it was 'famous' for. Then the suffix of the name, 'sky', I was told, means "the people of", ergo "The People of the Pear".Can anyone with surname knowledge confirm or correct what the name actually means?Thank you.
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The proper spelling in Czech and Slovak is Hrušovský which is derived from Hrušov, a common placename as you can see at I don't know the origin of the toponym Hrušov.
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The -ov is just a genetive suffix, comparable to Sorbian and Polish -ow. Hruš- defies analysis, not uncommon for place names. It occurs in western Poland (near the Urkainian border) as Hruszow, and the Ukraine as Hruszow/Hrushiv. It may be a mangled version of someone's name, or it may relate to the pear tree, hrúša in Ukrainian and Belarusian, grusza in Polish. Modern Czech and Slovak use the derivative hruška, which may have originally denoted the fruit (Polish gruszka) as opposed to the tree.
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