Subject: Re: Last name Cantu started in Italy.
Author: Sarah E Tinkham   (guest)
Date: December 29, 2017 at 10:47 AM
Reply to: Last name Cantu started in Italy. by Cantu

I have been doing research on my mother's family name of Cantu since 2006. I do know of the Cantu's coming from Italy originally. However, since the confirmation of Jewish DNA in the Cantu lineage on my mother's side (and yes I know that it could have come from other ancestors marrying into the Cantu line) I have been questioning whether the name Cantu came from Cantor? Being that in the middle ages and with Christianity (Catholicism) being the confirmed religion of the region for that time being and it was required for all Jewish and or other people of other faiths to convert or else! I have done some research in regards to the area of Cantu Italy and there is a history of Jewish people (Ashkenazi) that may have had to change names and or become Cryptic Jews. Cantor may have become Canterberry-English, Cantor, Canto, Cantu, Canturio, Cantuti, etc. The possibility of having to change the name for reasons of the Spanish Inquisition. That is my speculation. And one more thing I do know that there is ancient history from before the time of Christ that Jewish people traveled to that region and beyond, such as the Apostle Pual from Tarsus which was Spain. Some Ancient texts such as the Book Jasher mention the Semitic people of Noah's offspring migrated after the Flood departing to deferent regions of the Ancient World at that time. And the region of Northeast Europe is mentioned.
The information of the Jewish people in the is very vague. Love doing the research and how it all connects together eventually. I myself am a Christian and love the Jewish connection. Jesus came to save Jew and Gentile for those who receive HIM.
Please if anyone has any information they could share I would truly appreciate it.\
Sincerely S.T.

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