Surname Bostwick
I am the geneaologist for my family of Bostwicks in the Cincinnati,OH region of the United States. Our family tree consists of over 5000 families spread across the United States and England. The name is an American derivative of the root name BOSTOCK, originally from the county of Cheshire in England. It was changed in 1640 by a John Bostwick who with his wife Jane Wettel helped settle Hartford, Connecticut colony in America. Most Bostwicks cannot trace their family history back further than 1640, and John Bostwick. It is now fairly common knowledge amongst geneaologists that the name was changed, and a detailed history of the Bostock family reaches back to the Norman invasion by William the Conqueror in 1066. The description in your database is at best incomplete, and I can not edit it to include this information. I simply ask that someone update the entry for the name to include the information provided by me. It will help a lot of people complete the research on their family history.Thanks Mike Bostwick
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Is there any evidence from records of the change from Bostock to Bostwick?
Speaking personally, not representing the view of the website's administrators, I would be reluctant to change what is already written without proof of an alternative explanation.
The existing explanation is awaiting approval, and could be changed, or added to.
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