Warner surname
My great, great grandfather, William Warner, b. 1818, was known as "Very Prussian German because of his blue eyes, handlebar mustache and heavy German accent". Family story is that it may have been a name change from Werner, because it was not believed it to be a German name. Does anyone have a clue as to where in Germany this name could have come from? I have been through the entire ships passenger roster of the Palatine Movement from 1695 to 1800 and found only 9 Correct spellings, and almost 60 various spellings, like Werner & Woerner. It was a german name, just not a common name.
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Warner is a very common name in Germany as you can see at tinyurl.com/y9vv95cm. It has the same origin as Werner. There's a Wilhelm/William Warner born in Ohio in 1818 listed at tinyurl.com/ycgdw3cv.
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