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Subject: Meaning of Surname Bollinger?
Author: Wes   (guest)
Date: February 1, 2018 at 12:32 AM

Just wondering what the definitive meaning of Bollinger is. It was my grandma's maiden name, her family had lived in Missouri stretching back many generations to 1738 when the Bullinger name became Bollinger, brought from Switzerland. One source I found, from, says the meaning of Bollinger is Old French in origin, used in Britain, meaning 'the baker'. I find this explanation less likely; as another source, from suggests that Bollinger is habitational in origin, from a village in Switzerland named Bollingen. The only problem I've found with this source is that there is little information online about that village aside from a large amount of information about a tower built there by Carl Jung, which doesn't help me much. Just wondering if anyone has info on the Bollinger surname and if it really did originate from Bollingen, I would like to know more about Bollingen AND the etymology behind 'Bollingen'.

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