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Subject: Re: What are the most complicated/ coolest surnames you've ever heard?
Author: Aisyah   (Authenticated as highexpectasians)
Date: February 17, 2018 at 8:37 AM
Reply to: What are the most complicated/ coolest surnames you've ever heard? by luminua

These are all decently long/complicated names; all are either in the Submitted Name Database or the official one:

Lakerbaia - Abkhaz; possibly means "in thickets" (referring to a group of hunters or peasants).
Abdurakhmanov - Chechen, Avar, and Central Asian (i.e. Uzbek, Kyrgyz); means "son of Abdurakhman".
Hovsepyan - Armenian; meaning "son of Hovsep".
Jaimoukha - Circassian; means "cow herder".
Kortava - Abkhaz; of unknown meaning.
Mirzamagomedov - Lezgin; from the names Mirza and Magomed.
Mostefaoui - Algerian; from the name Mustafa.
Abdellaoui - Algerian and Moroccan; from the name Abdullah.
Yahiaoui - Algerian; from the name Yahia.
Ventimiglia - Italian; from the name of the city of Ventimiglia.
Yeghiazaryan - Armenian; means "son of Yeghiazar".
Shrivastava - Used in India; means "beloved of Shri" (a Hindu goddess).
Regragui - Moroccan; unknown meaning.
Kvitsinia - Abkhaz; possibly meaning "one who migrates".
Shereshevsky - Russian Jewish; from the city of Sharashova in Belarus.
Abubakarov - Chechen; from the name Abu Bakr.
Bhattacharjee - Bengali; from the title Bhattacharya.
Gangopadhyay - Bengali; from the name of the Ganges River (or village) and the Sanskrit word उपाध्याय meaning "teacher".
Kudaibergenov - Kazakh; means "given by God".
Pangilinan - Tagalog; means "place of abstinence".
Senanayake - Sinhala; means "hero of (an) army".


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