Zhiroshka & Zhidiaga
Hi there,does anybody know the meaning of these two Russian surnames?I've found out that Zhiroi means, "fatty."
while Zhirovoi means, "wealthy."
Very different in terms of meaning....And as far as Zhidiaga, I haven't been able to find any information what-so-ever. Only that it belonged to a peasant during the 1600's. Any information would be grateful! Thank you!
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Hi, In Russian the word "Zhirovoi" is an adjective, it means "fat, fatty, adipose, grease".
It can also mean "wealthy" but only in a narrow context.
"Zhiroshka" describes someone who is fat and little. The ending -chka expresses caress and diminishes the size or importance.
Some people use the word "Zhidiaga" as a pejorative from "Zhid" (Yid) in the sense of "Jew, miser".
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