Subject: name meaning
Author: Ferjentsik   (guest)
Date: March 16, 2018 at 2:25 AM

FERJENTSIK surname meaning
The surname Ferjentsik comes from the German word "die Ferien". This surname holder is of German origin, coming to northen Hungary´s mountain area (now Slovakia) in the 15th century as minediggers (miners), mining for non-ferrous metals, namely: gold, silver, copper etc. and coal. Although this was hard work, it meant that they didn´t have to work in fields as serfs. "Ferien" in German means free time (holiday). These miners were released from compulsory field works in the serfdom period and therefore they were "Feriens" - free men. The surname with time changed by ending -tsik, -csik, -čik (read: -tchick) as a very frequent ending of surnames in Slovak language that means "small". It´s also very interesting that perhaps all ancestors of holders of this surname come from the mining area of central Slovakia.
Source: Koloman Ferjentsik, Prague (Czech Republic)

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