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My surname is Espiner and i can never find it on sites like this. Its not very common but i was wondering if anyone knew what it meant or anything.
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Espiner is a variant of Aspinall. Here's the full entry from The Oxford Dictionary of Family Names in Britain and Ireland.Aspinall
Frequencies: GB 1881: 4121, GB 1997: 4528, GB 2011: 4546, Ireland 1911: 8, Ireland 1997: 17, Ireland 2008: 17.
main GB location, 1881: Lancs and WR Yorks
main Irish location, 1847-64: -
Variants: Aspinwall, Aspinal, Aspinell, Haspineall, Aspindale, Aspnall, Espiner.
language/culture: English
Locative name: from Aspinwall in Ormskirk (Lancs). The earliest spellings of the place-name point to Old English æspen ‘growing with aspen trees’ + wella ‘spring, stream’.
Early Bearers: Henry de Aspenewell, 1246 in Assize Rolls (Lancs); Adam of Aspenwelle, about 1275 in Lancs Record Office; Christopher Aspinall, 1540 in IGI (Whalley, Lancs); Thomas Asmoll, 1541 in IGI (Aughton by Ormskirk, Lancs); Alice Asmall, 1558 in IGI (Ormskirk, Lancs); Anne Aspinwall, 1563 in IGI (Ormskirk, Lancs); Thomas Assmall, 1572 in IGI (Farnworth near Prescot, Lancs); Miles Haspinall, 1578 in Yorks Wills; Marget Aspenall, 1580 in IGI (Garstang, Lancs); Thomas Aspenwall, 1595 in IGI (Warrington, Lancs); Edmond Aspenall, 1599 in York Freemen's Register; William Aspnall, 1615 in IGI (Deane by Bolton, Lancs); Henry Asmnall, 1638 in IGI (Wigan, Lancs); Hannah Aspinell, 1708 in IGI (Manchester, Lancs); John Aspindale, 1744 in IGI (Chipping, Lancs).
Other info: This name has a very large number of historic variants. Note that the similar but rare surname Ashmenall is a distinct locative name from Ashmanhaugh (Norfolk).
References: Surnames of Lancs, pp. 111–14.
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