Subject: Re: Pełczyk, a surname from Greater Poland.
Author: szarakowo   (Authenticated as szarakowo)
Date: July 5, 2018 at 11:54 AM
Reply to: Pełczyk, a surname from Greater Poland. by Dorchadas

Depending on the variant, I've found quite varied meanings.

For Pełczyk: from pułk = regiment (formerly połek, połk).
For Pelczek (+similar spellings with l): from German proper name Pelz, which in turn comes from the name Balthasar or from Pelz = kożuch = sheepskin coat.
For Pilczak: from pilić (popędzać, ponaglać) = to urge, to rush or from pilny = urgent or from piła = saw.
For Pilsak: from pilśń = felt or from pilśniak = a bag made of felt.

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