Walhberht (German?) + Wannock (English) meanings
Walhberht - believe berht may mean bright? what is the meaning of Walh?Wannock English? meaning?Any help or thoughts welome....
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As a German name it is composed of the two elements
WALH (welsh) and BERATH (famous)
The term "welsh" in this case may refer to a person of Celtic origin, Gaulic or Roman. From a German point of view "welsch" usually means "Italian" or "French" (from southern France), with a dark tan.
The name WALHBERHT also appears as: Walhberet, Walahbreth, Waleberd, Walaperht, Walabrech(t), Walibert, Valipert, Walipert, Gualipert, Gualepert, Walbert, Valbert etc. In England there used to be Vealhbeorht.
Ceasar called those Celts "volcae".
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Just to say thanks "Andy"
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