Mohorko (Slovene - Jewish root?)
Trying to find the origin of this Slovene last name- Mohorko. What is the meaning of it? Was told by a professor of history that it is Jewish.
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According to Rev. Bozo Zuanella a roman catholic priest near Trieste this surname comes from an old latin given name ERMACORA. Saint Ermacora has been the Saint bishop of Aquileia (near Venice)
This first name has now desappeared but has given surnames both in Italy and Slovenia, especially near Udine and by slovenian border with Italy.
So no jewish roots for this surname which comes from a name of a catholic saint according to Rev. Zuanella.
Rev. Zuanella Knows very well slovenian surnames and slovenian dialects. Many of his studies appears in the Italian site: "I COGNOMI DELLA VALLE DEL NATISONE" that is devoted to the italian slovenian minority living by UDINE (Friuli region)and its surnames.Some roman catholic churches both in North-Eastern Italy and Slovenia are devoted to Saint Ermacora
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Ermacora is in English Hermagoras, Saont Hermagoras bishop of Aquileia, near Venice.
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