German surname SCHORZ
I haven't been able to find any information on the meaning of SCHORZ. Sounds a bit like Schurz (apron) to me.
Anybody who knows more?
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Schurz, skirt, shirt and short are variants of the same root. Schorz seems likely to belong to this group as well. The primary meaning is "short", hence "short (garment)". I would think this is just an ablaut grade, or belongs to a particular dialect or a different German language, e.g. Nedersassisch.
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Thank you for your help!Now that you have confirmed that I am on the right track, I digged a little deeper into the „short“ matter. It looks like the German word schurz (here in the south west indeed pronounced shots), first part of the armour, then worker's apron, does not exist before the 14th century. This makes it rather unlikelely to be the origin of the last name.
What appears more likely is the literal meaning „short“ for a short person. I found Scurz as a personal name in the early 9th century, obviously a byname. So Schorz seems to be the same as Kurz, another German surname.Thanks again
Andy ;—)
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