Subject: Re: THAYER
Author: william   (guest)
Date: March 17, 2019 at 12:35 AM
Reply to: Re: THAYER by Charls

Taillier is Taillefer, which comes from france. They went to England,essex and changed their name to Theier,Theyers,Theyer,Tayer,Teyer,Thier,Tawyer,Terry,Taylor and coming to the US Thayer as we know it today. As our family moved from Essex to the west, the first name stayed the same and the last name was changed,a few letters here and there. Most of the names, I have listed above have been connected. I have 81,600 names on my computer.

We are a Viking family. We have been a military family for about 2000 years. We have fought in every war. Our family,ancestors,dads,mothers,aunts,uncles,sisters,grandfathers,grandmothers have given up their lives to make this country a free nation. I am a VetNam Vet(Marine) two tours, 18yrs service. I have been doing research since 1980 on the Thayer name.


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