Origin of the name Cerveris?
This has been driving me up the wall- it sounds like it might be a French derivative of the Greek 'Cerberus' but I have no idea. The man in question, actor Michael Cerveris, appears to be of anglo descent (he has green/blue eyes, and..well, no hair, but it was dark when he had it) which is a very European trait.Anyway, if anyone knows anything. Cheers!V
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I am SO GLAD I'm not the only one crazy enough to go searching for the origin of Michael's last name. XDDD
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In Italy you can find a surname CERVERI. It is a quite local surname beared especially in Northern Italy.
This surname, Cerveris, still exists in USA towards the second half o 19th century.
Could it be an anglicized form of Cerveri? I don't know.
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