Origin of the surnames "Huis" and "Huie"?
I know "Huis" is a word in dutch and french.generally speaking, what would be your first impression of the word's origin when you see this surname? does it look like a french surname? how would you read this word when addressing people lastnamed Huis?
do you say it in a french way (with h and s silented)?what about huie?thanks.
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Hello,I believe that your name is pronounced "hoos"and means quite literally 'house'.A close relative of your name is 'Hus',it means the same thing and comes from a time in Dutch history when they were under direct rule from Spain and ,naturally they resented this.Especially as it meant having Spanish soldiers going around enforcing the will of the king in Spain.One day this king decided to draw up a census of all his Dutch subjects,as an act of rebellion they gave the census takers any daft name that they could think of,including nicknames,geographical names ,trade names and nonsense names,eg;Jan Van DeBroeks (Johnny Trousers),DeGroet (Big),Van Dyke (Of the Dykes).Hope this of some use to you,all the best.
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