Lin, Where are from.
Lin surname is one of the Chinese surnames, ranked 147th in "Hundred Family Names", the 17th largest surname in mainland China, and the second largest surname in Taiwan. Lin surnames mainly in Fujian, Guangdong Province, Siyan (today, commonly known as Jiangmen Wuyi, is the Jiangmen City under the jurisdiction of the new club, Kaiping, Heshan, Enping and Taishan) and Taiwan, is the second largest surname of the two places, in Overseas Chinese Zhonglin surname is also a big surname. South Korea, Japan and Vietnam also have Lin surnames, which are read as "Im", "Hayashi" and "Lâm". In South Korea, Lin surnamed 1.66% of the total population.For the sake of the surname, after the Emperor Gao Xinshi, Tai Shizu was the "comparative" of the Shang Dynasty ancestral chamber. At that time, the king was incompetent and ruined Zhongliang. With the heart of saving the country and saving the people, he did not go out of the palace for three days. The king hated it, so he killed the cadre, cut his heart, and sent troops to encircle the cadre. The desire to destroy the family, the two ladies than the dry were pregnant, Huang was arrested and immediately executed, and the laparotomy was taken out. In the baby, the body was burned in the fire. Zheng Yushi, in order to save more than a dry pulse, give up funeral, bear the burden of humiliation, let the sympathetic soldiers let go, and escape with the four nieces, and live in the Changlin Stone Room (now southwest of Qi County, Henan Province), gave birth The abbot: "Jian", Zhou Wuwang called him Lin Jian (because his father was unyielding and died, and he was born in the forest), became the first ancestor of Lin, and his descendants were called Lin. It is for Henan Lin.From the name of Ji. "Tongzhi. According to the clan, in the Eastern Zhou Dynasty, Zhou Pingwang had a name for his son, and his son and grandson used his grandfather's character as his name, also known as Lin. It is for Henan Lin.Change the name for the Xianbei people. According to "Wei Shu. Guan Shizhi recorded that during the Northern and Southern Dynasties, Emperor Xiaowen of the Northern Wei Dynasty moved the country from Pingcheng (now Shanxi Datong) to Luoyang, and implemented the filial piety Chinese movement, which changed the original Xianbei Fu surname Qiulin to a Chinese surname Lin. It is for Henan "Luoyang Lin"Manchu changed his family name. After the change of the Ming Dynasty, the Manchus entered the customs. After Xuantong retired, some of the Manchus changed their Chinese characters, and the full name of Lin Jiashi was changed to Lin of the Han family.My website: www,
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