Cable Roman Family
My Late Great Great Grandmother was a Cable and Roman if anyone has any info of the name or were they came from please let me know.Samantha.B

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Reaney & Wilson _A Dictionary of English Surnames_ under Cabel, Cabell, Cable, Cabble: "Probably from a personal name, perhaps Old English _Ceadbeald_. It could also be from Anglo-French _cable_ 'cable, rope', metonymic for a ropemaker, or from Middle English _cabal_ 'horse', hence 'horseman'."Same source under Romain, Romaine, Roman, Romans, Romayn, Romayne: "Old French _Romeyn_ or _romeyn_ 'a Roman'. _Romanus_ was the name of two martyrs and a 7th-century bishop of Rouen. Only one English example of this personal name has been noted, but it may sometimes be the source of the surname."Note that that's just the possibilities for an _English_ surname. Both names occur in other languages, which may add yet other unrelated etymologies.
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Thank you for telling me this helps alot
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