What does this name mean? I've noticed that it's a bit popular in Germany. One of my penpals from Germany had this last name, but I've lost contact with them. They used umlauts over the o.
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I'm no expert, but my guess would be an alternate spelling of Buhler, which is a person from the city of Buhl.
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There seem to be several derivations of BOHLER as a German name (plus a few others in other languages): more (German) ideas (not necessarily very likely):
2. Middle Low German "bole" (brother, relative, lover)
3. habitional name from "bol(l)e" (beam, board)
4. Middle High German "bühel" (hill)Most of this is taken from:
Rosa und Volker Kohlheim, Familiennamen, Mannheim 2000
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M'kay. Thanks!
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