Looking for origin and history of the surname Hurst
The Hursts were mostly in Tennessee, McNairy County and Roane also Claiborne County. I know Fielding Jackson Hurst was a great grandfather of mine..thats about it..Any history or origin would be great..ty
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Hurst is quite a common geographic surname in both English and the continental Germanic languages. Since the form is the same it is impossible to narrow it down. It originally referred to a coppice - a wood actively and regularly cut to produce wood of the desired size for lathes, staves, bows etc. and probably planted with specific trees for that purpose - however most of these were abandoned at some point and allowed to go wild (very many estates and villages which once managed them failed in different periods for various reasons) and the word has now the general sense of a wood or thicket of trees.

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You should be aware that this is not a genealogy site (common mistake) but one for the discussion of surnames.
There is a site called Genealogy Wise on which people share family history information.
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