Any iformation is needed. We live in England but fear it could be french anyway, thank you in advance.

Remember Mr So and So I am a lady
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There are two things I can think of:
a) a variant of LION
b) the city of LYON, France. This is what wikipedia has about it's name:Lyon was founded as a Roman colony in 43 BC by Munatius Plancus, a lieutenant of Caesar, on the site of a Gaulish hill-fort settlement called Lug[o]dunon—from the Celtic sun god Lugus ('Light', cognate to Old Irish Lugh, Modern Irish Lú) and dúnon (hill-fort). The name was latinised as Lugdunum; Lug was equated by the Romans to Mercurius. Lug's 'totem' was a cock (rooster), hence the Modern French association with 'le coq'.
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