Could anyone please help me with origin and meaning of my surname? I'm pretty sure it's German, but the closest result i can find is Engelbert.
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Engelbrekt was also used in SwedenThere is a famous Swedish freedom fighter, Engelbrekt Engelbrektsson (killed 1436). Of course, he had probably German roots."But it’s all right now.
I learned my lesson well.
You see you can’t please everyone
So you got to please yourself."
Rick Nelson, GardenParty"It does not become me to make myself smaller than I am." (Edith Södergran 1891-1923)
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Engel = 'angel';Brekt = 'bright'.It was a common habit of the old Scandinavians and Germanic tribes to combine elements such as 'hard', 'bright','worth'etc into the naming of people, things and places,eg; "coward".You can read it either as "cow-ward(en)" or "cow-hard".
Does the name Engelbert sound familiar?It should,it means the same thing and may also be read as "Angel-born",where "Bert" means "birth".Wasn't Engelbert Humperdinck a freedom fighter long before his name was lifted by some cheesey sixties singer? S.
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Engelbrecht is the same as Engelbert.
For the meaning, see here:
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