Borzecki as surname
This name
is originated from the Romanian town of Borsec.
The local native population is called szekler (inhabitant of Transylvania) and the first three characters mean wine in the language there. So Bor means wine and zeck stands for "sec" a meaning any town in Transylvania. The last character "i" stands for the noble who is owning that town or is originated from that town and having the nobble rank through his noble name.Also very common name in Transylvania and Hungary as Borszéki.
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There's no doubt in my mind that this surname is Polish, commonly spelt Borzęcki. Approximate pronunciation Borzhe(n)tskee, the letter -e- is pronounced nasally, though the name is in rare instances pronounced and spelt with a normal -e-.
I can't see the Polish name having a connection with the Hungarian Bor, "wine". I suggest that the Hungarian Borszéki is a different surname, though a Hungarian version of the Romanian Borsec does seem likely.
The meaning of Borzęcki is not clear. It looks like it could derive from a place name.
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Borzęcki is from a placename such as Borzęcin according to Hoffman's Polish Surnames: Origins and Meanings.
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