Subject: Surname
Author: Frimml   (guest)
Date: November 7, 2020 at 9:42 AM

Hello. So I've periodically searched for the meaning and origins of my surname,Frimml, for years now, but to no avail! Today I finally got a clue from the prefix,Fry,Frei,Fre, Fri! Origins for Fri are of old high german, simply meaning free. I wonder how to get some info of the suffix, which spelling vary from mil, mel,.melissa, mmil, to mml. I also discovered what appears as 2 surnames emerge into 1, that being, Frimmlova, spelling vary similarly to the spelling's of Frimml also! Love meaning, I think it said, religious order. It makes me curious if Lova is linked to the Levite tribe of Israel?

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