Surname Gama
My father's surname was Gama, and He was from Mexico, Manzanillo to be exact. I know it can come from Portugal or Spain, but my name is so rare I wonder is there anyone out there with the same last name from Mexico or any other country. My name is very rare in Mexico, and seems to be found only in the state of Colima.
Thank you all for your help, I just am unable to aquire any info from my grandparents. Thank u,
B. Gama
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My Mother's name is Gama
she is from Alsace in France.
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Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama shared your surname. In your family's case, the prefix could have been dropped if it had at one time been used. My best deduction is that the name itself might likely be derived from the letter Γ, in which case your surname would mean "camello".
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