Subject: Re: Need Help Translating Bulgarian Middle & Surnames
Author: catnipp333   (Authenticated as catnipp333)
Date: January 24, 2021 at 4:29 AM
Reply to: Re: Need Help Translating Bulgarian Middle & Surnames by Lepic

Thank you again for responding with helpful information. The one you mention is the one I was not certain of myself. The first letter looks like a cursive capital T with a line coming down and I was having trouble finding a match for it and settled on the L letter. We are trying to find someone who can read it for confirmation. I just did what you suggested and all the names came up with many options, except for Lemrova. The first letter may not be correct. There are a few people with that name, but I still want to have someone verify it after seeing the writing. I really want this to be correct for the records.

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