Subject: Re: Origin of the surname HOPLA ???
Author: C   (guest)
Date: February 24, 2021 at 12:21 PM
Reply to: Re: Origin of the surname HOPLA ??? by Jenilou

I have nothing to tell you except it's my grandma's maiden name - it's our family out in Pembroke - or at least some of them have.

My family has done quite a bit of research into the name and come up with nothing conclusive except that it appears to come out of no where in 19th Century and arrive in Wales (some have since emmigrated to USA mostly via Utah). Our leading theory is that the name was chosen by someone fleeing one of the many identity based conflicts in Europe at the time and they changed the spelling from one of the many more common similar names.

This does mean we are probably somewhat closely related. It's not a common name.

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