I'm not that keen on the singer Roy Orbison, but after playing I Drove All Night on YouTube at 4:15 pm today, I can't get him off my mind, so I looked for his surname on here, but it's not there. What does it mean? I read that he wasn't blind, but has there been any time whether recording or not in which he had no glasses on? All the Google images show him with them on. He died before I was born, so if any of you were around in his life, had there been occasions when he didn't wear any?
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I've heard several stories about the sunglasses. He did have bad eyesight, but was not blind. I've heard that he suffered from stage fright and the dark glasses gave him a measure of comfort, making him feel less exposed. I've also heard that he was self conscious about his eyes because they were small. And finally, I've heard that he once forgot his regular glasses when leaving a plane for a show. He still had on his dark prescription sunglasses. Since he could not see without glasses, he wore the dark ones to perform that night and it became his signature look. I almost feel like it could have been a combination of all of the above.

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