Many words based upon Enrico Fermi
But what does Enrico Fermi's surname "Fermi" means in itself?
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The surname Fermi comes from the name of a town of Fermo near ASCOLI PICENO, 150 km from ROME.
The father of Enrico Fermi was from PIACENZA (near MILANO) and his mother from the area of BARI (southern Italy.
Fermi is often in Italy a jewish surname and of course it comes from Fermo where a jewish community settled in the past centuries and then dispersed around Italy.
I am not sure that Fermi was jewish, but his wife was.
That's why the went to USA. Enrico Fermi was an opponent of fascist regime.
He has been a great scientist!
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Yep... So he was... Mmm... Now... That reduces Fermi to a toponym derived from Fermo... And then... What Fermo means?* (Althought... Yep, there are many unknown meanings in toponyms, like Tarazona)... Some rumor holds that the very same Enrico Fermi is the grandfather to a couple of Fermi I know myself... I can't belief it 'though'.*I try to reduce etymological meanings to A.The latest every day use non-personal-name-related (personal name as in "person name", "place name", "festivity name", etc.) B.The earliest form it has been recorded as and C.The earliest meaning it's meanings derive from. (I try to make all possible meanings apply equally well).Nonetheless... Thanks, this points me somewhere else to check it (in a toponyms database).
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