about a few surnames from England and Eastern Europe...
I want to know what OLMSTEAD means. It's an old English line in my family; we can trace it back to the 1300's near the Sherwood forest.I assume FIDDLER comes from the English fiddler? Can someone confirm this for me?There are some Jewish names in my family as well. They all trace back to the border of Poland and the Ukraine as far as I know. They are SISSELMAN, PENSAK, and PACHOMITSKY (I'm not sure of the spelling on this last one).And finally, my Slovenian side. ZITNIK (which I believe has something to do with wheat or a grainary), VIDIC (maybe related to "to live"?), and PLESKO.If anyone could help me find out what these mean, I'd appreciate it! Thanks a bunch!!!

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Check out these links...http://www.houseofnames.com/coatofarms_details.asp?sId=&s=FIDDLER+http://www.houseofnames.com/coatofarms_details.asp?sId=&s=OLMSTEAD+I could not find Sisselman, Pensak, Pachomitsky, zitnik, vidic, or Plesko. Sorry!Well, that's the best I can do... Hope it helps!
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