Surname Bonte-Gelok
The surname Bonte-Gelok was originally from Nicolaas Gelok, whose mother died shortly after childbirth in the Netherlands. Her husband was stationed in the army and couldn’t take care of his newborn son, Nicolaas, so the baby was adopted out to a family with the surname Bonte. Nicolaas had an older brother (Anthony?). Nicolaas was able to keep his birth name and adoptive name, so it was hyphenated, and therefore became Bonte-Gelok. As an adult, Nicolaas brought his family to Welland, Ontario, Canada, in the 1950’s, where they lived until he died. His wife’s name was Wilhelmina, and their children’s names were Hendrick (also known as Henry, Henk, deceased), Francine, Susan, Casey, Nick, John. Children of these children include Erich, who lives in Welland, Ontario, Wade, Laurie, Jennifer, and Micah, who lives in Toronto, and Shelly, who works for Environment Canada in Toronto, Ontario, and Allan, Shawn (deceased), and others. I hope this helps, for whoever is searching for the Bonte-Gelok family.
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