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Greetings, I know that my last name, 'Hill' , is derived from the old english 'hyll' meaning hill. Through research and common sense the general consensus is that this name is derived from those original tribes who inhabited the mountainous regions of the British Isles especiialy England, Wales, and Scotland. My father, grand father, and great grandfather were all English and I think my family goes back a long way in England, however, I was wondering whether it is possible (since england has few hills) my family could have immigrated a long time ago from scotland or northern england. Also, how do I figure out whether my tribe was english, welsh, or scottish...where is this surname most common (the EXACT spelling is simple 'Hill' )..does spelling vary from place to place????
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does this help at all?try this link -- i'm not sure if this is what you want or not...
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