treitler surname
Does anyone know the origins of the surname Treitler? If Jewish, they all come from Galicia, if Christians, they come from Austria or southern Germany. Why? What does that mean, were they all related at one time? Did someone convert to Judaism and then travel East?
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Re:TREITLER surnameThe surname exists in Germany, but it is very rare. In the German phone directory I found (in all of Germany)TREITLER: 35
TREIDLER: 41I can't find it in any of my books, but TREITLER may be a variant of TREIDLER, an old word for "Trödler" (with an O umlaut) which is either a "second-hand dealer" or a "dawdler". Both meanings are good for a surname, I think.There might also be a connection with "treten" (tread), which could also be used for "dancing", but this is rather uncertain.
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