Re: Grandfather's surname Oklad
Does any one what the surname Oklad comes from and what does it mean. Grandfather was from Poland, but when he emigrated to USA the spelling was changed to Oklat, and his brothers spelled it Oklatt. Would like to know if it was shortened.
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I really hate Polish names with an L in the spelling!
I think you may be right about the name having been shortened. I looked at a Polish website and, according to their data, there is nobody in Poland surnamed Oklad. Nor is there anyone with the name spelled with that other L which I can't replicate, but permit me to try. There is no surname Ok£ad, but there is a surname Ok£ad£o, and a surname Ok£adny. I don't know what these names mean. You might be interested to know that the word ok£ad is in the Polish dictionary. I've looked it up but I'm no wiser as to its precise meaning. The word oklad is also Russian. It means "salary" or"tax rate", but I can't relate those explanations to a surname.
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