origins of??
My last name is Bennett but I know that it is not of it’s English origin seeing as it was shortened from Benedetto when my ancestor people came to America. I have heard numerous origins for this name and I was wondering if anybody actually knew for sure, these beingDutch
And the possibly oddest one I heard was that it was of Saudi Arabian origin, and that it was derived from some other name that I have lost over my time in searching for this. It would make sense seeing as I am part Saudi Arabian but I am also everything else on that list and a few others thrown in, I have so many different ethnicities that when asked I simply say European, Saudi Arabian, Mongolian and Canadian, then they ask me what countries from Europe and although it's not all of them I just say it because quite frankly it's easier. I would really just like to know where it is that my last name is from.
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wait nevermind guys, I asked my grandmother about it and she just tolds me that she lied to our family. How nice of her don't you think? apparently it was never Benedetto but she says that she wasn't lying when she told us it wasn't of English origin. So dramaelf, sorry to have wasted your time and i'll just go back to being angry and assuming (incorrectly) that my last name is Saudi-Arabian. Not that I ever thought that beofe though, but anyway maybe she is lying about the origin i don't know. All i now know is that my last name makes no sense.
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Benedetto is the Italaian form of Benedict, which means "blessed".
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