Rollick, Devlin, and Costiff...
I'm trying to research my family tree, and it's origins. But it was halted, because of the speculation that a couple of the names may have been changed in its spelling..I know for a fact that Devlin is Irish.Rollick may have a Ukrane heritage, but I have even heard somewhat of a Scottish origin as well. This one has proved very difficult. It's for my sister, but her father is adopted, and we have very little information other than his surname.And Costiff I haven't been able to find anywhere. May be somewhat from the UK, because I've been able to trace names from there, but no history, or anything... Again, my mother's parents died young, and it left us with little information as well.If anybody even has as much as a tiny clue about these names, I would be eternally grateful.Thank you.
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