Teggin - Where Does The Name Originate From?
Anyone Know Where The Name Originates From ? & Poss Dates Etc..?
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From the Gwynedd (North Wales) County Council archives, 1 July 1513:
1. Richard ap Jankyn Tegyn or Richard Tegyn, Katoryne his wife, dau. of David Gruffith vichan, Robert ap Res Tegyn and Edward ap Richard Tegyn. 2. David Anwill ap Gwyn ap Grono ap Gwillim. BOND in £20 for Performance of Covenant for division of lands in lordship Bromfield. Another thing I found: Morgan & Morgan (s.n. Teg, p. 195-96) states "The name Tegyn may be a derivative of Teg, with the suffix -yn, similar to Cochyn, Llwydyn, and Moelyn. One cannot feel really confident in making this suggestion because teg is not now used colloquially as an epithet (as far as one is aware)." Examples include Robert ap Richard Tegyn Monmouth alias Robert Tegyn 1547 and Richard Tegyn of Pelham Furneaux (1500s, based on the surrounding samples). We believe that Tegyn is sufficiently documented as a byname (meaning "fair" or "beautiful") but that the supplied documentation doesn't support Tegyn as a given name.Your ancestors seem to have got about quite a bit! As far as the Flint area is concerned, you can obtain details of records of this name by sending an e-mail to: dcc_archives@denbighshire.gov.uk, where they have details of it in their records. They have details of a RICHARD TEGYN Esq, RICHARD of ESCLUSHAM, DENBIGHSHIRE,in 1571.

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