looking for the meaning of these 3 last names =)
hello everyone =)
does anyone know the origin and meaning of these last names, please? 1- Marce (spanish? ) ,
2- kading ( I believe it's German but don't know the meaning )
3- Calluari ( I guess it's italian )
thanks in advance! it means a lot to me.
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Hi there, have you had any luck finding any info on the surname, "Marce"? I'm hoping to find the same information.Please let me know if you've had any luck. Thanks!
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KADINGKÄDING (with an A umlaut) is a variant of KEHDING. This means "from Kehdingen", an area near Hamburg.
(Rosa und Volker Kohlheim, Das große Vornamenlexikon, Mannheim 2003)
For Kehdingen see:
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