Tracking family members, Schmitz
Hey there I'm trying to track down family members, I would also like to know the origins of the name, when it was first used and so on :).So far Ive only gotten to my great grandparrents :).My fathers side: I know that my great grandfather died in 1944 at the eastern front (they sent his Iron cross to my great grandmother), my grandmother died this year and my granddad is still alive.My mothers side: I know that my great granddad was in the SS and has not been seen or heard of since after the war (presumably dead also in the eastern front). My great grandmother died a long time ago and my grandmother and father are still alive.Thats about all I can come up with. From the pre-war period I have no information.
Anyone with a simmilar story? We might be relatives :).

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You can check SCHMITZ on the data base of this site. SCHMITZ is a fairly common surname in Germany. So with the information you offer there is little chance to find your ancestors.
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Okay thanks :(.
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