Names of Flemish origin
(Not spelled "Flemmish"). This is mainly the contempary Dutch-speaking part of Belgium. Formerly, the Duchy of Flanders (of which Flemish is the adjective form) stretched out in part of the Netherlands and the North of France (Netherlands Sea-Flanders and Zealand, French Flanders). The Flemish dialects were also spoken in the Duchy of Brabant, that also stretched out in part of the Netherlands (contemporary provinces of Northern Brabant in the Netherlands, Flemish and Wallonian Brabant, including Brussels, and Antwerp in Belgium). Furthermore, Flemish dialects are spoken in the Belgian and Netherlands provinces of Limburg as well.
The Netherlands and Belgium (of which part is French and part is German speaking, a country with three languages) have a common history, untill the separation of both regions during the 17th century in a mainly catholic Southern part, and a mainly protestant Northern part. As such, a standard Dutch language started developing earlier in the North (the Netherlands) whereas dialects in the South had a longer life cycle untill the beginning of the 20th century - mainly because the official language had been Spanish or French.

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FLEMING.That ones pretty obvious though.My Mother was a Fleming .Alot of geanology has been done on our family.
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