Subject: Re: ATTN: Jim Young (and anyone else that can help)
Author: Jim Young   (guest)
Date: August 19, 2006 at 7:12 AM
Reply to: ATTN: Jim Young (and anyone else that can help) by Sieglinde

I have to confess, the reason I was so vague about Ukrainian names is that I don't know. All the examples I could think of stressed the next to last syllable, and I was thinking that's the rule, as with Polish. Then I began to doubt. Maybe Ukrainian's more like Russian with no hard and fast rule about accentuation. I've never read anything about the pronunciation of Ukrainian, and I don't know where to look at the moment.
I know that the surnames ending in -enko (patronymic ending) seem to be stressed on the penultimate syllable. I'm pretty sure that names ending in -ovsky, adopted under Polish influence, would also be so stressed.
A website that might help is www.lemko.org/genealogy/krasovskij/intro.html
Ivan Krasovskij wrote a work on the surnames of a branch of the Ukrainian people called Lemkos, but these extracts seem pretty comprehensive to me.

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