scandinavian surnames...anyone know their meaning?
Hovman (i guess this is a Scandinavian variant of Hoffman)
Nørgaard, Hyldgaard, Kjeldgaard, Pilegaard, Ostergaard, Hedegaard, Rygaard (what does 'gaard' mean? is it 'garden'?)
Flyvholm ('holm' is another common Scandinavian ending)
Vadsholt ('holt' ==> meaning like Dutch 'hout' = wood?)
Tolstrup, Bidstrup
Hasselflug (this might be a Jewish surname too)
Birch (like Thora Birch, same as the English 'birch'?)
Tolling (Danish surname)
Scherfig (another Jewish maybe)
Baekmark (also written as Bäkmark i believe)
Hogsted (does this mean 'high place' like 'hoge stede' in Dutch)
Wichmann (Jewish again?)
Cedergren (this one is i believe 'ceder wood' or 'cedergreen')
Ryksjaer (maybe this is Norwegian)
Koefoed (this one doesnt sound Scandinavian at all, but i found a Scandinavian person bearing this surname)
Pilmark (i think 'mark' is a region, area)
Springborg (something with castle)

i know it is a huge list, but i just hope to encounter a Scandinavian person who knows the meaning of those common endings, that would be helpful enough already. thx for reading this.
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I think you are right in that that hovman is a scandinavian vriant of hoffman.
In sweden a Hovman is a a man who works at court (you know where the king and queens are). Hov - court, man - man.

Holm is a very common ending in scandinavian last names.
It dosen't mean home, but something more like islet.

Bagge means ram in swedish, but it's alsobilbo BAGGERS last name in the first swedish translation.

Cedergren means ceder branch
Stengade should mean stone street (I'm not really shore because it looks like norweigen or danish).

Pilmark means something like willow ground or arrow ground.
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thank youthat's a much nicer answer than Sean Foglai gave to me
by the way, i finally found a site about some common Norwegian words and this is what puzzled together:

Nørgaard = northern farm
Ostergaard = eastern farm
Vestergaard would be 'western farm'

And Hasselflug and Scherfig are Danish surnames (not Jewish), but Wichmann is not Scandinavian, it seems German, a variant of Weichmann.
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You're asking for a boatload ...

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Sorry about that ...posted prematurely ...

Yes ...Hof is hoof ...meaning basically "horse"
Gaard, Gard, etc. is related to "garden", but means more "a piece of land" than what we typically think in English ...
Holm ...does mean something like "home", but also has a feeling of a piece of land that is owned by an individual

You need to check out a few name books and come to us with more specific names that aren't so obvious... just listing a bunch of names shows you haven't done any investigating yourself ...we like finding these, but if it simply a lack of trying on your part, we're not as interested ...we're not just a easy dumping ground ...
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excuse me...there's no site about Danish surnames whatsoever explaining the simple basic endings like Gaard, Holm, et cetera. You are here to help, like i help many people at the Firstnames Board without complaining. I've done some research and i'm asking here the simplest questions and even those can;t be find on the net (which i dont understand by the way) and you're not very helpful whereas i submit many names with accurate etymology to this website. (and help people without complaining, because Porteous of which 'fenny' asked was very easily found, but i'm not saying about her not doing any effort, cause i like helping people.
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