I have a friend with the last name "Bardecker" and can find nothing on it. Does anybody know the meaning or the possible meaning?
It's German, if that helps.

Thank you!

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your answer...(m) bardecke means 'bar' as in the bar desk where you can sit at, where the people stand behind waiting for your order, that sort of thing. Bardecker is thus a 'bartender'
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I'm going to take a wild guess after trying a few translation sites ...possibly an occupational name ...perhaps "barn roofer or tiler or thatcher" ...
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In Germany there are any Bardecker at the moment.
The informations on Internet are absolutely rare.
According to Mormon's site a certain number of B.
are form New Jersey. In USA there perhaps only 50 or 100
B. families.
On Internet you can find also 1 danish Bardeker.
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