plz help me out....
hi salam o alaikum
i want some information regarding my religion im muslim and my full name is MUHAMMAD ASIM QADOOS and father's name is ABDUL QADOOS.and people and friends call me named 'asim'.now i want to know which one is my first name,second name and which is family name?and also which one is my surname?because im planning for going to united states for education purpose.and i dont know what to enter at first name and second name..what is the mythdology in naming the candidates in america.plz help me out give me full detail how to enter these names in application process.thanks
waiting for ur response.
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Your first name is Muhammad and your family name is Qadoos. Asim is your middle name. Also, the word surname just means family name.
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Why not Qadoos?
Is Abdul Qadoos your father's given name, or is it - First name Abdul, second name Qadoos?
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