Pronunciation of O'Dovero
The subject line says it all--how does one pronounce O'Dovero? I'm fairly clueless about where the emphasis goes. It's a surname that pops up all over in the city I live in; there's an O'Dovero Street, O'Dovero Square, and so on. I'd like to know how I'm supposed to be saying it. :-)Thanks for your help!
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This looks like a Spanish name that's been messed with. Isn't there a surname Odovero? If it's Spanish I assume the accent will be on the next-to-last syllable, as with sombrero. If someone's trying to pass it off as Irish they might expect it to be pronounced oh-dover-oh.
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I agree
The O'Dovero spelling seems strange to me. If it comes from Spanish surname Odovero, then yes, the "ve" syllable would be stressed, as in sombrero. --Laura--
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